Using Medical Scalpels for Craft and Leatherwork

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You need to use the sharpest blade you can

If you do leatherwork or other craftwork you need a sharp knife... and not just any sharp knife.

You need the sharpest knife you can get your sticky hands on.

You need to start using medical scalpels... 

They don't come much sharper than this

Everyone has their own idea about what to use for cutting leather and other materials. 

But we can all agree on one thing - a craftsman needs a good blade.

Whether you're starting out or not there is nothing worse than blunt tools.

  • Are you tired of sharpening blades?
  • Are you sick of snapping the tips off Exacto knives?
  • Have you been wondering what to get to replace that rusty Stanley knife?

An insanely sharp knife doesn't have to break the bank

Before you go and drop several hundred dollars on an expensive knife you need to check out medical scalpels as an alternative.

These knives come with solid stainless steel handles and disposable blades with different shapes.

Why should you consider medical scalpels for craft and leatherwork?

With this short guide, you will discover these three things

  • The exact setup that I use to create Smith Bros leathergoods.
  • Which brand to buy.
  • Which handles and blade shapes you should use.

Let's get started...!

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Using Medical Scalpels for Craft and Leatherwork

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