Bella & The Prince - A Classic Fable Retold

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Every Princess Dreams of a Prince

Bella and the Prince is a retelling of a classic fairy tale. 

There's a handsome prince who saves a beautiful princess with a kiss. 

And a happily ever after. 

What happens before, during, and after is slightly different from the version you might have heard. 

I wrote this tale of love, beauty, courage, and romance for my girls when they were small. 

I hope you enjoy it.

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Here's the first bit

ONCE UPON A very long time ago, there was a beautiful young girl who lived in a magical garden. The girl’s name was Bella, which means beauty, for she was indeed very beautiful indeed.

A high wall surrounded the garden and inside was every kind of wonderful tree and every kind of beautiful flower and every kind of delicious berry and fruit for Bella to eat.

Now the magic of the garden was a very old kind of magic that caused it to always be spring and summertime so that new and more wonderful flowers would blossom with each new day.

And on each day, which was always fine and warm with blue sky, Bella would skip and dance through the garden singing and enjoying all its wonders, talking and playing with the animals, eating the fruit and berries, and smelling the flowers.

And each day, her heart called out for the handsome prince whom she knew would come to the beautiful garden one day and marry her.

One day, however, something large and slithery and horrible slipped over the high walls and into the garden below. Soon enough Bella came skipping past where the terrible creature was lying in wait for her.

“Ssslow down”, it said. “What’sss your name?

“My name is Bella”, replied Bella. “I haven’t seen you in the garden before. Who are you?”

“I’m new. I’m the Ssssnake King”, it hissed back carefully. 

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About the Author

Graeme Smith is a writer, teacher and maker based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you want to find out more or get in touch, you can:

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Bella & The Prince - A Classic Fable Retold

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