Alec Dystopia - Citizen Journalist

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He is you and me... an Everyman for the masses

Welcome to the second in this series of short, but odd five-minute fiction.

Meet Alec Dystopia, the futuristic anti-hero of this speculative tale of education and evil. 

Alec's story is a cautionary tale of journalistic integrity and what it means to grow up around the turgid prose of government bureaucracy.

And self-driving cars.

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Here's the first bit

Alec Dystopia just wanted to be happy.

This, he was discovering, was problematic.

In another time, perhaps it was his youth, he'd had a traditional education.



Rapid advances in analytics and big data in the early 21st century meant it was easy and cheap to customise individual learning across every kind of demographic, device, operating system, and geographical location.

But the real price of Alec's free and ubiquitous education had been the seamless integration of laser-precision targeted advertising and government propaganda.

Beamed directly into his cerebral cortex. 

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About the Author

Graeme Smith is a writer, teacher and maker based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you want to find out more or get in touch, you can:

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Alec Dystopia - Citizen Journalist

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